Nursery BarcelonaIf you’re looking for a nursery in Barcelona for your children Noah’s Ark is an excellent option, because we understand that a multicultural and bilingual education is what the children need to succeed in tomorrow’s world. Our linguistic proposal aims for the children who come to Noah’s Ark, one of the guarderías de inglés en Barcelona to discover Catalan, Castilian Spanish and English. in a natural way. We expose children to multiple languages in daily basis. Activities and one o one interaction occur in both, English and Spanish.

With our active methodology, we encourage the children to learn the meanings of words in all three languages through games and a wide variety of interesting, entertaining activities. Contact from a young age with other languages other than their mother tongue also lets them take in any concept more quickly. It is a unique, unrepeatable experience they will share with other children of the same age, learning to build relationships with others. Noah’s Ark has an extensive team of teachers of different origins with a clear vocation for teaching, showing children a multicultural world where diversity is a part of everyday life. Also, families who attend Noah’s Ark, come from all around the planet, joining in with their different culture and enriching our daily living.

Why choose our nursery in Barcelona? Because it is in an exclusive area of Barcelona and it is equipped with everything necessary to help youngsters to learn. It has four large, luminous, safe classrooms, a psychomotricity and multimedia center, ourown kitchen, lunchroom and a garden with a park, play structures, sandbox and a plant nursery. Could you ask for more of an English nursery in Barcelona?

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