Noah’s Ark is happy to provide on-site childcare services in events like conventions, congresses, and other large business events in order to help families achieve work-family conciliation. Noah’s Ark is able to provide services that allow participants to enjoy work and family during these events, highlighting the importance of merging these two worlds and allowing them to experience growth both in their family and work environment. We offer childcare services so participants can maximize their time working and time with their family.

By offering childcare services, you can appeal to a growing number of professionals who cannot travel without their children, and thus decide to extend their business travel into a family trip. By including a childcare option within the services provided, your organization gains a competitive edge, since parents will likely choose the option that provides for their kids and adjusts to their needs.

The Noah’s Ark staff is all highly trained with over 20 years of experience working in education, guaranteeing high service standards. Throughout the years, our team has refined a technique that makes us stand out in the childcare industry. We prioritize Safety, Courtesy, Flexibility, and Fun. We make sure your clients’ children are always safe and comfortable by having a highly specialized team trained in CPR and first aid. The team is also well trained to deal with issues that may arise during these events. We are flexible and able to adapt to all kinds of events, as we understand that every event has its particular needs. Finally, we guarantee a fun time for children where they can enjoy themselves and have fun, so that attendees can feel safe and comfortable knowing that their children are well taken care of.