English nursery in BarcelonaNoah’s Ark is an English-language nursery in Barcelona backed by the experience of internationally trained educators whose goal, among others, is to stimulate kids’ interest in languages. Daily routines are done in English, which ease the natural learning of the language. By exposing the children in an English spoken environment, they learn the language not as a second language but as a mother tongue. Our nursery in Barcelona is genuinely committed to cultural diversity and international education. Our staff come from many different parts and are fluent in both English and Spanish. The families within Noah’s Ark also proceed all around the world. Noah’s Ark is rich in different cultures and languages.

We have four large, luminous and safe classrooms, a psychomotricity room and a multimedia area a lunchroom with an in-house kitchen and over 600 squaremeters with two big playgrounds, sandbox and a vegetal garden. We encourage family participation. Parents are welcome into our center during drop off and pick up time. We organize many familiar activities at Noah’s Ark, giving the opportunity to relate with other families and build a net to support the development of their children. We do understand that our staff have to work very close and in harmony with the family to benefit the well being of the children

Are you looking for an English nursery in Barcelona? Noah’s Ark is your best choice. We also offer flexible timetables to meet all families needs and the option to monitor children via Internet in real time. Not many English-language guarderías en inglés en Barcelona meet your needs so well.

Find out about this English’-speaking nursery in Barcelona by calling 934 735 371.

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